Welcome to Urban Acres Produce's Online Market!

To fulfill our mission of addressing health disparities in low-income Wilmington, Delaware communities, we have created a new way to build equity in our local food system. We provide delivery of fresh produce via our Farm Share box that allows customers to receive farm-fresh produce at their chosen frequency by a sliding scale cost. When you participate, you are creating a better food system that allows access to the same high-quality, fresh foods for everyone! In addition, we are committed to supporting small businesses. We source from local farmers in Delaware and nearby. 

What is an Urban Acres' Farm Share? 

How does Urban Acres' Sliding Scale Farm Share program work?

For those who choose "Contributor Level," you can sponsor a subscriber from the "First Level" for them to receive a Farm Share too!

What are the customer levels?

Urban Acres Produce customer levels are as follows. First, consider your income level and current needs. We have provided a household income range as a guide, but we understand that situations are unique! 

Customer LevelsRecommended Household Income
First Level$0-$40,000
Second Level$40,000-$80,000
Third Level$80,000+
Contributor LevelPayment Provides a full subsidy to a First Level Customer

We accept credit cards and EBT payments! 

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