Urban Acres Produce LLC
Contact: Central Baptist CDC
Address: 839 N. Pine St Wilmington, DE, 19801
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Phone: 302-660-8124
About Us
Urban Acres Produce is a member of the Central Baptist Community Development. The Central Baptist CDC is a Faith-Based 501 c3 organization. The mission of the Central Baptist CDC is to provide the setting for community members to engage in the process of change, which results in the overall transformation of their lives and their community. “ The Central Baptist CDC Value Statement is, "Every Person is Valued, Every Person is Valuable, Every Person is Accountable."

Urban Acres Produce LLC, located in the City of Wilmington, Delaware is a non-profit organization of the Central Baptist Community Development Corporation. The mission of Urban Acres is to address the problem of health disparities in low-income communities by providing access to healthy, fresh produce to areas designated as food deserts in the city of Wilmington and surrounding areas.

Urban Acres Produce LLC offers direct delivery services of fresh, mostly locally produced fruits, vegetables, and other food products. Through an online market, we offer fresh produce and other food products at affordable and sliding scale fees to increase access for the communities we serve and to strengthen markets for local farms and small local businesses. Urban Acres Produce LLC offers home delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other locally made products like eggs and honey. Home delivery is a convenience service to engage people with means to support the program, but it is a solution to transportation barriers for low-income constituents and those without reliable, easy access to fresh foods. Urban Acres is implementing a local food hub to aggregate and distribute mostly locally grown foods with emphasis on Delaware farms. We will reconnect people to their food while building equity to strengthen our communities and farms. Working with our partners to engage youth will be an important tool for working with community to determine how we can best serve them.
When you choose to purchase from this Urban Acres Produce LLC site you are supporting:
Our mission to serve the underserved;
Plans for household delivery of fresh produce to clients in need of produce but have barriers that prevent them from coming to a produce location;
Our goals of healthy food access while creating living wage sustainable jobs.

A community garden was established on Church Street in 2014 and enjoys wide participation from community families, including youth as a safe place for a community gathering.